tips for talent management

10 Quick Tips for Talent Management

Talent Management Quick Tips

  1. Create or buy a competency library. Frequently you can import your own library or a third-party library into a talent management system. tips
  2. Create a wide variety of competency layout styles including long, short, and matrix (matrix format allows you to capture additional information or behaviors within a competency).
  3. Implement a 10-point rating scale to evaluate employees against competencies for their job class.
  4. Proactively address competency gaps with training & development planning.
  5. Minimize or eliminate the time required to develop competency definitions to support your performance review processes.
  6. Use consistent language and describe the specific skills, behavior and knowledge with as much detail as your employees need.
  7. Ensure employees understand the skills and competencies that are required to perform specific tasks.
  8. Track, evaluate, and manage competencies across the organization.
  9. Implement a competency management system that brings rigor and fairness to the review and evaluation process.
  10. Identify top performers and talent across the organization and help the organization achieve its vision and goals through a high performing workforce

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