Courses created and inspired by input from real world healthcare workers and situations they commonly face.

Healthcare_2 has been developing custom eLearning for healthcare and other industries since 2006!

Working with subject matter experts and content across multiple hospitals and other health care settings we have developed deep industry knowledge and created our own library of health care courses that are ready to be customized for your unique needs.


First Aid and CPR

How it works...

Our courses are ready to deploy as-is or we can work with you to customize them to meet your specific needs.

Match your branding by adding your logo, colors, fonts, and other imagery that matches your existing organizational identity.

Edit the course content by adding company specific details, removing irrelevant content, or editing course narration to match your tone and messaging.

Our writers and eLearning developers will work directly with your subject matter experts and trainers. We’ll use our existing courses as a starting point and collaborate with you to quickly and cost effectively keep your custom training programs current.

Need a healthcare course that isn’t on our list?

Let us know!

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