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Do you have a current learning strategy in place that is aligned to your overall company mission and strategy? Hopefully you had a chance to read Magic’s blog article eLearning Inc. now offers Enterprise Level Strategic Learning Consulting  I first met Magic when I was CLO at Republic Services, and have engaged the talented content development teams at many times over the last 10 years or so. Recently, we started discussions about bringing my experience as both a senior learning and talent leader and an external consultant to add to the cool and engaging Corporate eLearning Services provides. The more we talked, the more I saw a great fit. Learning organizations in both the corporate and non-profit world today need to adapt to the changing needs of learners in the world of “always on” learning and information flow, and corporate Learning functions are uniquely positioned to really align with and enable the company strategy and business objectives.


That said, we want our customers to look to not just as a partner in great content development for your learning curriculums, but also as a trusted strategic advisor for learning and talent functions to better align your efforts with organizational goals and objectives. According to a 2014 Bersin by Deloitte High-Impact Learning Organization study, profits in “HILO” organizations grew 3 times faster than the rest of the hundreds of companies studied, demonstrating that companies who can show they excel at learning are making more money. (see figure 1) Learning and talent functions in companies have an opportunity to really add value and contribute to the bottom line, and at we are providing consulting services to help enable that for our customers.

Bersin Learning Strategy Chart

Figure 1

The Consulting Services Toolkit


Learning Strategy: Learning organizations enable the company’s overall and human capital strategies, to close employee performance gaps and achieve corporate goals and objectives. A well defined learning strategy ensures content design, development, delivery, analytics and overall processes are aligned with those strategies to add value, promote employee engagement and efficient spend of the learning budget to deliver RESULTS. We provide workshops and/or consulting to build out and communicate your learning strategy by aligning learning to the financial, customer, operational and learning/growth perspectives of your company strategic plans. Then we help you create and deploy targeted learning for people in key roles during their critical job experiences (at time of hire, development during current role, during transition to a new role, etc.) that matter most to your internal customers.


Skills & Competencies: Bersin research has shown that organizations with excellent use of competencies & skills are 4X more likely to have a performance-driven culture.* Skills and competencies can be applied to many HR functions to create this culture, from recruiting & selection, to career planning, succession, learning & development, performance management and strategic planning. works with you to scope competency development needs, and work with subject matter experts to develop job profiles with key competencies and desired proficiency levels. We can then work with you to best integrate skills and competencies into your talent management and learning management systems to become a competency-driven organization.

* © Bersin & Associates, proprietary research, Corporate Talent Management Factbook, n=780, 2014

Change Management: According to Prosci, a leading change management research and consulting firm, research on thousands of initiatives shows a direct correlation between how well the people side of change is managed (change management) and how successful the effort is. Projects with improved change management had increased likelihood of meeting objectives, finishing on time and finishing on budget, with 6X increased likelihood of meeting project objectives.* Major Human Capital Management projects and technology implementations can mean big changes in your HR processes and procedures. The goal is to get people to adopt, utilize and embrace the change, and has the tools and expertise to help manage the change, such as:

  • Audience Analysis
  • Change Readiness Assessment
  • Communication & Internal Marketing
  • Training

* Prosci, Best Practices in Change Management, 2016

Talent Development: Our experienced Industrial/Organizational Psychology trained consultants will work with you to develop your Human Capital Management processes that impact performance and profits. offers talent development consulting for:

  • Succession Planning & 9 Box (performance vs. potential)
  • Career Pathing to create employee engagement and plan your workforce for the future
  • HCM and LMS Technologies consulting: leverage our experience with various technologies and vendors to help provide the tools and resources for efficient human resource management


Contact Us for a No Cost Preliminary Assessment!

I am excited to be able to bring these value-added tools and services to compliment’s great instructional design and content development offerings. Let us provide a one-hour preliminary learning and talent assessment at no cost to you, to show the tremendous value to your learning and talent function’s evolution in today’s “moving at the speed of technology” business environment that these services will provide. After the assessment we will deliver an initial, high level blueprint addressing these areas:

  • Degree of alignment of learning & talent processes to company strategies
  • Implications for learning strategy and current content and processes
  • Learning & talent needs and requirements to support company strategies


Learning and talent development departments need to be able to adapt to today’s millennial workforce and the huge demands for time and resources that define the “always on” information age in the workplace. Let our consulting services and trusted partner approach help you build the roadmap to get there!

Steve Jensen

CLO/Strategist & Consulting Services Director

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