Comic Book Designs in eLearning: Airline Pre-flight Safety Demo

eLearning Comic Book Design

This Airline Pre-flight Safety eLearning Demo is a work in progress in response to the Articulate eLearning Heroes challenge #128. For this challenge the team is working on two variations, one of which is a custom illustrated “comic book” style eLearning design. We expect this project to be completed during May 2016 and will continue to update this post until done.

If you are interested in having your eLearning projects transformed with fun comic book style visuals, call us today at 866-771-4449 for a competitive quote.

The Development Process

Step 1 – Storyboard

We started by having one of our instructional designers and content writers (Kaela Scarbrough):

  1. Review the eLearning heroes challenge requirements
  2. Identify the core concepts we wish to include in our submission
  3. Outline the narration and visual ideas in a first draft Storyboard

Our graphic artists are excellent, so all we need from the storyboard writer is simply to provide crude “stick figure” sketches of what is envisioned. Our artists will then bring this vision to life.  The storyboard is then reviewed by the project sponsor (S. Magic Johnson) who provides feedback, approves the design direction, and “green lights” the project.

Initial Conceptual Sketch

Airline Safety eLearning Sample
Our eLearning artists can start from even the most crude and basic sketches.

Step 2 – Initial Graphic Artist Sketches

The 1st draft storyboard (including simple stick figure examples) is sent to one of our many talented eLearning graphic novel or comic book artists to draft a series professionally drawn sketches. These are reviewed by the instructional designer and project sponsor to ensure they meet with their approval before the artist then colors in the images and completes the scenes. As the artwork below illustrates, our graphic artists can create great looking visuals from even the most rudimentary drawings. Our clients frequently give us very rough sketches drawn to the best of their ability and we then transform their ideas into professionally created eLearning screens.

Artist’s Rough Draft Interpretation

Airline Safety-Challenge-4
This sketch was created by one of our artists based on the rudimentary sketch the instructional designer provided.

Step 3 – Full Color Final Graphic Designs

It is common for the first draft artist sketches to undergo a few design revisions before they are officially approved for production. Occasionally sketches are approved without any changes, but generally we recommend allowing a little time in the project plan to get the designs just right.

First Draft Full Color Design

Airline Safety-Challenge-3

Step 4 – Storyline Layout and Programming

Once the graphic designs are completed we get to work assembling the graphics and audio into Storyline, programming activities, and running the project through the Quality Assurance (QA) process. Click here to check out our first-draft Storyline version.

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