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We’ll create at least six different custom eLearning comic book designs for you.



Choose your favorite design! From there we’ll create as many screens as you need.



Following are just a few examples of our eLearning comic book design capabilities. To demonstrate our graphic design range, the samples below represent six different versions of a female employee working at her computer.
Retro Pastel

This is a light and fun color scheme and comic book design style. You can edit the computer monitor close-up in Photoshop to display any computer screen information you want or we can do that for you, too!

eLearning retro pastel design characters

High Resolution Cartoon Style

This colorful design demonstrates complex artistry. Notice the transparency on the plastic pencil holder. The background is also out of focus while the foreground is sharp giving the illusion of “depth of field”. The light source coming from the window also casts realistic looking shadows in this scene.


There are two different angles demonstrated here – one showing the worker as the focus, and other showing the computer monitor. Our eLearning comic book designs always include multiple angles for the same environments giving our clients plenty of variety.

High resolution cartoon design

Traditional Comic Design Style

This is a more traditional comic book design perfect for eLearning projects that require a little more conservative approach. Notice that each scene is unique and shows slightly different perspectives. This style is reminiscent of “old school” comic book artwork.

Traditional comic book design style

Traditional Graphic Novel Design Style

Comic books have evolved into what is known referred to as “graphic novels”. Our talented artists regularly create eLearning graphic novel designs for clients across all industries. Whatever situations, environments, and scenarios you want represented in your training, our artists can bring to life in full color.

Traditional graphic novel design

Ultra-Modern Graphic Novel Design Style

This ultra-modern eLearning graphic novel design style is great for any organization that is targeting training at millennials or those who appreciate this soft, vibrant, and modern design style. Just like the other examples, your unique content can be placed within computer monitors, note pads, speech bubbles and more.

Modern comic graphic design