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Compliance Training: 4 Quick Tips

Compliance Training Tips

Compliance training is one of the most common types of eLearning that companies have created. Many organizations have a certain number of hours that employees must put into learning the basic laws and company policy, as well as taking refresher courses each year. This can often mean a great deal of time spent taking courses based on information employees think they already know. Here at the eLearning Network we do a great number of compliance training revamps. Taking outdated, lackluster versions and transforming them into entertaining, and enjoyable new courses. Here are some tips for developing compliance training that won’t have your employees staring at the clock.
  1. Gamification – This is one of our major trends of 2016 for a good reason. Adding game like elements to this often stagnant material can be a real game changer. No pun intended! When learners are fully engaged, as they are while participating in a game, they will generally retain more of the information being taught, and may understand it better as well.
  2. Use video – Including videos of actual company scenarios is a great way to keep the learner engaged. Experiences shared by real-life employees make the content much more relatable. If a learner can listen to an actual employee discussing a situation they had to confront regarding a compliance issue, it will allow them to better see the relevance of the training.
  3. Make it catchy! Creating a compelling campaign is an effective way of conveying your company’s message to the learner. Try creating a fun tagline, dance, or even a song. Have fun with it. It may seem silly, but it’s an element that gives something to the learner that they will easily commit to memory, and isn’t that the goal?
  4. Break it up. We are talking about Burst Learning. Offering compliance training in short, self-paced bursts is the way to go. Modules the learner can take in between meetings, during down time and even via mobile device is a great way to get employees to take mandated courses such as compliance training done without is seeming like a chore.

Contact us if you need assistance with any of the tips listed above. Do you have additional tips? Feel free to log in and comment on this post!


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