What is eLearning popcorn?

PopcornJS is an open source project by Mozilla, the same group who brought us the open source browser Firefox. In programmer speak, PopcornJS is a “library” for integrating the web into video production. Put simply, this Popcorn enables eLearning developers (or anyone for that matter) to quickly and easily add text-based commentary to existing video files. For example, let’s say you’ve created a Flash-based audio/visual eLearning demonstration. Using Popcorn, you could convert this Flash-based eLearning file to an MP4 video file, upload to YouTube, and then “wrap” around this video additional text-based content like text comments, links to Wikipedia and Twitter, and much more.

Why would you want to do this? Well for one thing, converting Flash to video in cool and interesting ways is one way to start the steady deployment of your training to mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. Accompanying PopcornJS is Popcorn Maker, which is a user friendly “drag and drop” tool that makes it possible for just about anyone to embellish their digital training videos with relevant links to additional web-based content and text-based commentary. To see what we mean, visit the PopCorn demo site to see tons of great examples and to get ideas on how your organization can leverage this technology.

Magic of the eLearning Network(TM) coined the phrase “eLearning popcorn” to refer specifically to any training material that leverages the power of this new and emerging technology to add value and context to the underlying training video content. We encourage training professionals to put this technology to the test and submit examples of how they are using Popcorn in the field. So get out there and make some eLearning popcorn!

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