5 eLearning Tools Worth a Look

Are you looking for ways to make your eLearning courses more compatible with mobile phones, more easily accessible and user-friendly? The good news is, there are many software programs out there to do the work for you. Here is  a quick list of development tools I recently discovered and that look promising:

  1. EduBrite: It is a SaaS (software as a service) based learning platform which comes with a simple to use editor. EduBrite is mainly used by organizations and training institutes which not only help the users to create assessments and certification for their learners but also gives them access to webinars and live online sessions. EduBrite also records all learner activities and provides real-time dynamic reports.
  2. LearningStone: Offers trainers and coaches a private online learning environment. From LearningStone you could easily invite your participant, register and manage them. Participants can also upload their pictures and enter their details. LearningStone offers one FREE module for maximum of 20 participants. They also enable the users to create surveys and forms.
  3. ExploreGate LMS: Single platform with multiple option of accessing knowledge. ExploreGate is not just a learning management system but also a comprehensive Marketplace for FREE training content. It also supports live sessions and video conferencing.
  4. Zavango Engage: This provides high quality videos which can also be easily viewed through any device, PC, laptop, mobile phone, etc.
  5. Comevo’s Online Orientation: Comevo’s Online orientation is mainly used by higher education, government and corporate HR. It provides an interactive orientation for the students, This is an easy to use environment and LMS for reporting and assessments.

The eLearning Network® does not officially endorse any of the above technologies nor has been paid for any inclusion in this article. These are technologies we are keeping our eye on. If there are any technologies you recommend please log in and comment below.

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