Tie Corporate Objectives to Learning Objectives

As you begin the instructional design process, you likely already identify the core learning objectives. These are often expressed as tasks that you want the learner to perform a certain way or concepts that you want learners to understand. However, remember to ask yourself (or the subject matter expert) why these learning objectives are important to the organization.

Specifically, identify the strategic corporate (or organization) objectives and how you will measure whether or not these objectives are being achieved as a direct result of your training intervention. For example, you may build a safety program that expresses how to look for and correct slip, trip, and fall hazards. However, the corporate objective may be to reduce injuries and claims by 5o% in 12 months.

By spelling out exactly what the company wants to achieve through education you can better develop your training programs and measure their results.

If you need help identifying your business objectives and / or aligning these with desired job behaviors and the learning objectives that would support them, consider hiring an expert from the eLearning Network. We have extensive experience working upon custom e-Learning projects ranging from instructional design to content writing/production, evaluation, and more.

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