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Custom elearning Storyline Example

Click the image above to launch the demo, but before you do…

This custom eLearning example created in Articulate Storyline demonstrates a variety of advanced programming, instructional design, Adobe After Effects, and user experience skill including:

  • Animated GIFS created in Adobe After Effects: Notice the map markers change state and animate upon mouse-over. This same technique can be applied to a corporate logo or other branding elements to give your course a sense of style.
  • Correct, Incorrect, Not Attempted Indicators: The map markers change color from blue (not attempted) to green (completed and correct) or red (completed and incorrect). This is a fun and innovative way to present quiz questions to learners differently than simply clicking “next” to continue.
  • Professional Graphic Design: As you can see, this custom eLearning example is visually impressive and was designed by a professional eLearning artist.

We specialize in bringing our clients’ eLearning ideas to life. If you need help with anything eLearning related we will gladly help you. From simply giving your courses a visual redesign to full-service custom eLearning development, no request is too big nor too small.

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