Mind Mapping: eLearning Productivity Software

Mind Mapping Tools

Every Instructional Designer has their own unique way of brainstorming and organizing their thoughts. One highly effective way this can be accomplished is by creating a mind map. A “mind map” is a non linear diagram used to represent all the parts of a concept or idea in a structured graphical illustration. It begins in the center and bursts out in all directions with your ideas! It surpasses your average note taking by creating an organized structure as you go. Mind maps can help you categorize your initial thoughts, and build upon them. There are several programs and software that can help you to capture your thoughts and neatly organize them into a mind map, and the best part is many of them are completely free.

Utilizing online based mind mapping can provide a platform for creativity and collaboration.

Check out a few great programs we have found for you!

  1. Concept Draw 7
  2. SmartDraw
  3. Edraw
  4. ThoughtStack
  5. Freemind
  6. Mindomo
  7. Blumind
  8. Open Mind
  9. Freeplane
  10. GoalEnforcer Hyperfocus
  11. SmartDraw 2010

You can download all of these and more at the link below:




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  1. Thanks for this rough overview – But I’m missing …


    You can start from a blank document or you can choose from one of the pre-loaded templates or you can select ‘Brainstorm’. A feature I really love. MindMap from ConceptDraw supports EverNote, MS Word and plenty of other formats. Also, the products are cross platform for the Windows and Macintosh platforms – thus making them great for cross platform organizations.

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