How much should I charge for eLearning development?

I have been asked to record audio (using my own script and voice) over ppt slides. There are fifteen modules and every module has approx 15 slides on a technology topic. Slides are made by me and I used them for a classroom training for the same vendor few months back. But of course I have to make changes in the slides due to eLearning nature. I have been offered $XXX for all the work (15 modules and one hour per module recording). This means that I have to write script over 200 pages for 15 hours recording. (12 pages approx equals per hour audio). I am new to eLearning. I feel this amount is low but not sure. I live in Middle East so don’t know if the rates they discuss on internet are applicable to USA market only.

Thanks for your email. If clients offer you a rate that is simply too low and unacceptable, it’s OK to tell them “no”. You don’t want your customers taking advantage of you. Plus, if one undercuts the fair market price, that drives rates for other developers down too, and devalues our profession as a whole.

The best way to determine how much should be charged is to estimate the total number of hours the project  will take you and the desired hourly rate you deserve based on the quality of your work and the average income in your area. 15 hours of recording plus let’s say 45 hours to write your script and another 15 hours to synch your audio to your PowerPoint for a total of 75 hours .   Now let’s say they offer you $750 for the entire project. $750  by 75 hours = $10.00 per hour US. If you are comfortable making that rate then go ahead. Otherwise, you can propose a counter offer. If your client already likes your work, does not have many other options, and your final rate is competitive and fair, they will likely pay what you ask. Just explain to them that you are a reasonable person with a reasonable offer.  If your client is an experienced and savvy buyer of eLearning services, then they may be trying to take advantage of you. If they are inexperienced and throwing out a number with no idea how long this project will really take or what it should really cost, this is your opportunity to educate them.   Good luck.

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