Getting Moodle to Save Student Completion Data

Question: I am using Moodle as the LMS.  When a user completes a page of content in a course and then goes back and retakes that same page, their completion checkmark turns from gree (completed) back to orange (not completed). How do I fix this?

Answer: While I am not a Moodle expert by any means, I do have some suggestions for you.

  1. Research this question on the Internet: I’ve performed a basic Internet search and found a few possible answers for you. Check out this site and scroll down to item #7, which discusses course “flow control”. There is an option to “allow a student to review”. This option may be what you are looking for.
  2. Post this question to Moodle Forums: Moodle has an amazing online support group to answer questions like this. Many have asked and answered questions that you may have. See this Moodle forum post, which may be relevant to your specific situation.
  3. Get professional Moodle support: If necessary, considering contacting an authorized Moodle vendor. They can be surprising affordable.

I hope you find the above response of value. While I am not a Moodle expert, I have implemented that LMS many times and the above are some ways I would approach this issue if I were in situation. Good luck to you.

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