Free Illustrated eLearning Characters

Custom Illustrated eLearning Character

Free eLearning Characters

Check out these free eLearning illustrated characters created by the eLearning Network®. Try them out and see which characters work best for your next eLearning project. Each character is available for purchase on the eLearning Network store including multiple poses and expressions. We also offer custom illustration services an can modify these characters based on your requests (new clothing, expressions, poses, environments, etc.) or we can create totally new characters for you.

Many of our eLearning characters are free for members of the eLearning Network®. To become a member, simply log in using your LinkedIn account. Why do we give these away for free? Because we know that folks who use our free resources frequently hire us to help them when they need assistance.  So please log in, download whatever resources you need, and keep us in mind the next time you need a hand. 

Free eLearning Character Download Links

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