eLearning Virtual Reality

eLearning Virtual Environment: Video Demo

eLearning Virtual Environment Demo Created in Unreal 4:

Click the video below to play the demo. This virtual office was created completely using Hollywood-grade Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) tools by the experts eLearning.net. This is a video example that demonstrates just one of the quality levels we can produce. Because this is all created in 3D, we can change lighting, camera angles, switch out props, make just about anything interactive, and use this setting to produce custom eLearning comparable to what you would see developed for PlayStation, X-Box, and other modern video games. Over the coming weeks we’ll be posting additional upgrades to this virtual environment to showcase various gaming techniques, virtual reality (designed for VR headsets) techniques, and more.

All of this work is performed here in the USA. Our custom eLearning and game development is surprising affordable. We can usually meet or beat most written quotes while delivering higher quality and faster turnaround times than our competitors regardless of where they are located. You don’t have to look any farther the the USA for amazing custom eLearning game design and production at competitive rates.

Need a quote creating custom eLearning games, virtual reality, or other complex and groundbreaking training? Contact Us for a fast and competitive quote.

Interactive Demo in Unity

Experience this same model as an interactive game-style environment created in Unity! Simply download and unzip the Unity Demo files and launch the Unity application icon. This demo was created fairly quickly by re-using the same base models (created in Maya). This demo is a work in progress so look for future updates to that demonstrate ways to interact with objects and more.

Unity for eLearning: Exterior City Walk

The image below shows a virtual environment created in Unity and demonstrates one example of what can be done with Unity for eLearning projects. This environment can be easily populated with characters who can be animated to help tell your eLearning story using modern XBOX-style game design.

Unity for eLearning

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