Custom Articulate Storyline Templates

Looking to create a custom Articulate Storyline template that matches your corporate identity? The eLearning Network offers full Storyline graphic and programming support services. Using your logo, official colors and fonts, current marketing materials and any other direction that you provide, our graphic artists will create a beautiful and modern eLearning player. Additionally, we can design and program for you an entire custom eLearning development template and style guide that includes everything you need to develop your own professionally designed courses. Here’s what our custom Storyline template full package includes:

Storyline Templates Include

  • Custom Storyline Player: There are dozens of Articulate Storyline player configurations ranging from color selection and logo placement to the location of various menu and navigation features, and more. We’ll walk you through your options step-by-step so that you understand your options and make the best choices for your template.
  • Cover Screen: You never have a second chance to make a great first impression. We’ll make sure that your Storyline template has an impressive looking title slide and, if you wish, a short musical audio track.
  • Welcome & Learning Objective Screen: Every course should include some kind of welcoming statement that greets the learners and tells them what to expect. We’ll design the standard font, image treatment, bullet treatment, onscreen text location and style, and more.
  • Standard Lecture Screen: Most modern eLearning presents onscreen text supported by graphics. Our templates make it easy to add beauty and style to any training content. We include items like an attractive custom watermark for the background, custom bullets, custom image treatment, and more.
  • Computer Demonstration Screen: Storyline is great for creating software demonstrations. This template includes custom callout boxes, labels, and other items you can use when you want to present training on software applications, your company website, or any other computer-based information.
  • Video Player Screen: Storyline makes it easy to insert video content into your course. We design our templates so that your videos really stand out and look great!
  • Click to Reveal: This screen type presents a list of items that a user can click to reveal additional information.
  • Conclusion Screen: All good things must come to an end, so our Storyline templates include an attractive conclusion screen that includes a bullet list and image treatment you can use to highlight the key points covered in the course.
  • Quiz Screens: Our quiz templates include a quiz cover slide, five different quiz question types, and a results screen, all designed to match the rest of the course design.
  • Credits Screen: We believe in giving credit where credit is due! That’s why we include an appealing final credits screen in our Storyline templates. This is especially useful if you used any Creative Commons licensed images or content in your course as a credits screen is an easy way to fulfill the licensing requirement of acknowledging the content creator.
Hardware Store Master Player Interface
Example of a custom eLearning interface

Why go with the eLearning Network?

  • Amazing Artists: Our artists have specialized in creating custom eLearning designs for years, so they know how to produce high-quality artwork on time.
  • Phenomenal Programmers: The eLearning Network is a community that includes some of the world’s preeminent eLearning programmers,  many of whom have programmed eLearning for more than a decade and are now masters of Articulate Storyline.
  • Dedicated Project Manager: Our programmers work side-by-side with our artists, and a highly skilled eLearning project manager oversees this team. This person will also be your primary point of contact throughout the development process. They will make sure your template gets produced quickly and professionally.
  • Training: Upon completion of your template, we’ll provide you with training to help you on your way!
  • Ongoing Content Support: Once you use the eLearning Network to create your Storyline template, you may want to engage our team for actual content production. We have a full team of professional eLearning developers both full-time staff and freelance contractors who are ELN members and verified by us as top-notch professionals. If you need help implementing your template, we’re there for you!
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