Comic Book Templates: eLearning Heroes Challenge #11

For this eLearning Heroes challenge I created several different comic book design styles all based upon the same theme of a young business woman sitting at her computer and speaking with someone over a phone using a headset. These designs include closeups of computer monitors plus speech bubbles so they can easily be used as eLearning templates.  My goal was to demonstrate a wide range of graphic design styles that can be considered comic book or “graphic novel” designs. The idea is to help non designers understand:

  1. Comic book designs have terrific applications in the eLearning world
  2. Comic book is not a single design concept but has many different design possibilities
  3. A skilled artist can take basic concepts and bring them to life quickly, easily, and affordably.

I hope you enjoy these design examples.  I’m happy to produce custom designs for you and your next project. Just call me at 866-771-4449 and ask to speak with Magic.

Traditional graphic novel design, comic

Traditional comic book design style

High resolution cartoon design, comic

Modern comic graphic design

eLearning retro pastel design characters, comic

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