Charming Custom 3D eLearning Characters

Custom 3D eLearning Characters

Check out these custom 3D eLearning characters that were created by the team using the same tools and techniques as those used by professional Hollywood blockbuster animation experts.   Now your eLearning courses can deliver a new level of creativity and fun by using the 3D eLearning characters from our existing library or by having us create new characters based on your specific needs.  The character pictured above was created by the 3D development team using computer generated image (CGI) tools including Maya and ZBrush. What that simply means is that it is relatively quick and affordable for me to to change this character’s facial expressions, body poses, cloths, environment (work, home, outside, etc.) and more, to suite just about any training situation or need.

Being able to create and customize charming and likable characters like this and pose them however you want enables you to bring a new level of visual storytelling to your projects.  Instead of searching for the perfect stock images to go with your story, you can create characters and put them in to situations as needed to add more context to your courses and help make them more impressive and memorable for your audience. What’s more, custom characters can be based on any criteria including age, ethnicity, gender, body type, and so on. Additionally, because these are CGI characters, you can pose them in situations that are not practical for a real human (like slips and falls or other hazardous training examples).

If you are interested in using characters like these in your next eLearning project but aren’t sure how, give us a call or contact us anytime. We will gladly explore ways in which we can literally add character and charm to your courses. We may even mock up a few free examples that are specific to your needs, time permitting. Of course we are also available for hire any time and can begin working on your project immediately.

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