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Certified eLearning Professional ™

Developing high quality eLearning is a team sport that requires skilled professionals spanning multiple disciplines ranging from instructional design to graphic design and programming. The Certified eLearning Professional Program includes certifications in multiple development categories and eLearning professionals can earn multiple certifications based on their demonstrated skill levels. The eLearning Network® offers the industries most comprehensive program for evaluating the quality and skill level of people who specialize in producing eLearning.

Why is certification important? Due to the rapid proliferation and adoption of “do-it-yourself” eLearning authoring tools, now literally anyone with basic computer skills can claim to be an eLearning professional. With so many people now developing eLearning it can be expensive and time consuming to identify the people who really have the fundamental skills necessary to build high quality custom eLearning quickly and cost effectively.  That is why the eLearning Network® has developed a comprehensive program for evaluating the skills and capabilities of eLearning professionals and certifies only those who demonstrate intermediate to advanced level skills in their area(s) of expertise.  Following are our current certification tracks: 

Certified eLearning Instructional Designer:

Identify organizational objectives, list associated current and desired job behaviors, map learning objectives and gather source content from subject matter experts and through independent research. Develop a comprehensive Instructional Design Document (IDD) that is ready for storyboard writing.

Certified eLearning Storyboard Writer:

Using an instructional design document as a guide, write technical and creative storyboards including audio narration scripts, on-screen text, media notes and audio sync timing ques, etc. Interview subject matter experts as needed in order to cover any content gaps. Develop a comprehensive storyboard that includes all of the elements necessary to produce an interactive audio/visual eLearning course.

Certified eLearning Graphic Designer:

Skilled in modern and classic eLearning graphic design techniques. Intermediate or higher level of skill using Adobe Photoshop or comparable software. Ability to developing professional and modern looking eLearning screens from scratch (without the aid of templates) that conform to an organization’s specific branding guidelines including logo usage, official colors, fonts, and other design direction.

Certified eLearning Author:

Intermediate or higher level skill using modern eLearning authoring tools including Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, or comparable eLearning authoring tools. Includes the ability to add, edit, and synchronize audio, create custom interactivities, create quizzes, implement custom branching, and other intermediate to advanced development concepts. Certification measures speed, complexity, accuracy, and attention to detail (graphic library organization, layer names and layout, etc.) and programming logic and ability.

Certified eLearning Programmer:

Able to extend eLearning authoring tools by hand coding HTML5 and JavaScript or similarly complex custom programming tasks.

Certified VR/AU Developer

Object oriented programmer skilled in creating custom virtual reality and augmented reality environments, games, and other experiences.

Cetfied VR/AU Designer

Graphic artist skilled at crafting virtual and augmented reality environments, objects, textures, and more. Includes verified skill in tools like Maya, 3D Studio Max, Unreal, Unity, or comparable technologies.

Certified eLearning Project Manager:

Mastery of the eLearning development cycle, demonstrated skill creating project timelines, Gantt charts

About the Certified eLearning Professional ™ Program

All Certified eLearning Professional ™ recipients have been verified and interviewed by a panel of expert eLearning developers and certified by eLearning, Inc. as having the education, experience, and demonstrated skill to perform at a high level in the areas for which they hold certifications. Our expert panel is comprised itself of Certified eLearning Professionals who are actively working in the field.

eLearning Certification Process / Requirements:

  • Identification Verification: Provide a picture ID and participate in a Skype or other video conference call to confirm identification
  • Portfolio Review: Sample work products for the applicable certification(s) are reviewed by the eLearning Certification Panel
  • Custom eLearning Work Sample: Produce a minimum 10 minute (1,500 word) and 20 screen eLearning work sample based on the subject matter assigned by the panel.
  • Workflow & Process Interview: Perform real-time tasks associated with the eLearning development role for which certification is to be awarded. For example, a candidate for “Certified eLearning Author” would be required to perform tasks in real time during a live virtual meeting such as creating pages, inserting images, creating triggers, programming activities, customizing the player interface, and other intermediate to advanced level eLearning authoring techniques.

Contact the eLearning Network® at 866-771-4449 to learn more about becoming or higher a Certified eLearning Professional 

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