Beware of overusing business cliches

A short essay by Stephen “Magic” Johnson

In these “uncertain times”, business professionals must undergo a “paradigm shift” in order to realize their “HiPot”. “Going forward”, be sure to “bring on board” all of the decision makers and ensure “cross fertilization” of your ideas rather than “throw your coworkers under the bus” for not effectively implementing “best practices”. Why? Because “at the end of the day” we all must face the reality of the “new normal”. To survive in “these challenging times”, ask yourself, what is my “value-add”? Really “drill down” and look for that “game-changing” idea that will positively affect your company’s “bottom line”. Take personal responsibility to identify your “core competencies” and develop those synergies that result in a “win-win” scenario. The result will be “real-time” realization of “improved ROI” for you and your business. In these “challenging, uncertain, and difficult times”, many companies are looking to “right size” their employee base. They wish to transform from over bloated bureaucracies to streamlined yet “robust” organizations comprised of “thought leaders and knowledge workers”. So avoid becoming “collateral damage” by taking a “strategic approach” to setting up your own personal “burning platform” for success.

How do you do that? By using as many worn out business clichés as possible in all of your business correspondence 🙂 –

PS: I’ve heard the rare double usage of “at the end of the day” – used twice in the same sentence…

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