6 Benefits to Using e-Learning Templates

6 Benefits to Using e-Learning Templates

Will using e-learning templates speed up the development process? Can I still be creative while using templates? Will the template suite my e-learning requirements?

These are common questions when deciding whether to use templates or not.

If you are working on an e-learning project your top priority is to create highly engaging, interactive e-Learning content and activities for your learners, while striving to save e-Learning course development time, lowering costs, and managing multiple members of the e-Learning team with varying levels of expertise.

Handling all these issues simultaneously may sound exasperating; e-Learning templates seem to be the liferaft e-Learning professionals find in the midst of all the chaos.

It is well known throughout the e-learning industry that the fastest and easiest way to build e-learning content is through high quality pre-built e-learning templates. e-Learning templates can be used as a blueprint for building e-learning content. This allows e-learning developers and professionals to develop deliverables that are effective, engaging and professional looking qui.

In this post I will go over the top 6 benefits of using e-learning templates.

1. Templates help keep consistency for learners and developers

Quality e-Learning never looks like it came from a template! A main focus of any e-learning template you use should be on a professional visual design created by a skilled artist. Visuals contribute more than just the organization of information in a course module.

The visual composition of a template helps to guide learning by placing important elements such as tools, navigation buttons, etc. in specific locations that will be easily recognized by the learner at every stage of the course. This allows the learner to more effectively process and retain the information being presented.

Additionally, having a consistent format for presenting information simplifies the course developer’s job by giving her a blueprint that she can follow to break down large amounts of information into smaller, learner friendly sections. This in return can also lead to significant cost and time savings during the course design process.

2. E-learning templates save development time

Even though all e-learning projects should be unique, some aspects tend to repeat from course to course. For example policies, procedures, definitions, etc., may be repeated throughout a project.

There are some elements that are expected to remain consistent like: logos, fonts, colors, layouts, and even activities. Having a pre-built template allows you to save on development time by reusing common elements used in all presentations.

3. Match your look and feel

E-learning templates are created with a certain element of design geared towards capturing and maintaining the learner’s attention. By limiting the amount of graphics initially, these templates ensure ease of perception.

Of course there are are many templates, some that are more visually compelling (like this free e-learning template) or some that are more sobering and refreshing (like this one). There is a big chance that you will find the the right template to suit your instructional requirements.

4. Templates for branding purposes

Your brand is your message and promise not only to your customers, but also to your employees. They both expect your band/company to maintain a certain image and level of quality in its products, services, and just about everything it produces – including its training courses.

In order to stay consistent with the learner’s expectations, you also need to be consistent in the design of e-learning materials, reflecting your brand throughout every element of the presentation. By using a template, your e-learning course can be created with a uniform style and message that learners can easily recognize and associate with.

5. Templates provide simplification of course development

Entering content, choosing graphics and making the course consistent for the learner takes a lot of time, effort, and money. By using an e-learning template this process can be simplified and shortened significantly, hence lowering the overall cost of producing the course material.

6. E-learning templates are bug free and tested

Malfunctions in an e-learning template can completely ruin your course. Professionally built templates that are tested relieve you of those pesky, and at times, costly bugs. The fact that these templates are secure frameworks enables an e-learning professional to experiment at the development stage with confidence and tranquility.

In conclusion e-learning templates allow you to focus on the content instead of the design. They can speed up your development process, increase your team’s skills, and decrease production errors. There are many styles and formats available, therefore it will not be difficult to find a template that suits your e-learning requirements.

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