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Custom eLearning Development Outsourcing: 5 Benefits

Supplement Your Custom eLearning Development Efforts

Corporate eLearning is still relatively new and rapidly evolving. Organizations are only now discovering how custom eLearning development can positively affect business results.  Gone are the days when PowerPoint was the most advanced training tool available, while copying and pasting from generic eLearning templates does not make the grade.  Advancements in e-learning technology and increases in learner expectations have also forced organizations to consider new eLearning authoring tools and modern multimedia techniques in order to increase learning effectiveness.

The problem is, creating an in-house team to produce custom eLearning development is expensive and difficult to get right! Why? Because creating high quality custom eLearning courses  requires multiple disciplines and a lot of specialized expertise. Oftentimes building an in-house eLearning production team that does all of the work itself simply does not make  financial sense.  By investing in a blended custom eLearning development approach that supplements internal team members with external experts, companies are able to increase quality, reduce costs, and enjoy greater return on investment.  I am not advocating a total and complete outsourcing of the entire eLearning development function. Rather, by having internal teams focus on their core competencies and outsourcing the right parts of the process, you will complete projects faster, better, and at lower total cost.

What highly effective corporate learning teams have realized:

  • their forte is in competing in their chosen field while developing an effective learning strategy
  • they should focus on pinpointing which learning objectives will boost business goals and providing subject matter expertise
  • working closely with a custom eLearning company to outsource a few parts of the eLearning content development process saves time, money, and produces superior results

Let’s face it. Your company is expert at doing what you do for a living. You are subject matter experts in your field. Outsourcing the more difficult or mundane parts of eLearning development (like graphic art, interactivity programming, writing branching scenarios, etc.) frees you and your team to focus on instructional design, implementation, evaluation of results, and modifying your strategy accordingly.   In this post I am going to outline the top 5 reasons why internal learning teams love outsourcing their custom eLearning development to the experts at the eLearning Network®.

Why Outsource Parts of Your Custom eLearning Development Process?

  1. Developing eLearning at the speed of the business’ needs. Capitalizing on the eLearning Network’s ability to develop quality eLearning quickly,  we help our clients get the job done on time (or faster( and on budget (or lower).  What’s the result? Superior quality and reduced cost.  Furthermore, working with our custom eLearning development experts, your e-Learning projects will to be published to multiple mediums including desktop, tablet, mobile, TV sets, and more.
  2. Reduce headcount and increased ability to scale as needed:  Many companies can not afford the large amount of staff members required to properly manage e-Learning development projects.  By outsourcing just a few parts of the process your internal learning team is instantly supplemented with a plethora of learning expertise on demand and at a lower cost. This reduces the strain  on your internal learning team and allows them to refocus their attention on other more critical areas of instructional design and analysis that may be getting neglected.
  3. Building a truly engaging eLearning experience through access to a full suite of resources. Collaborating with an expert eLearning content development team gives your company access to a variety of experts to meet your development and design needs. Rather than limit your online training materials to the lowest common denominator, create fun and engaging user experiences that your employees will enjoy and that reflect positively on your brand.
  4. eLearning courses that are pedagogically sound.  In our experience we have found that many instructional designers and learning specialists do not have a complete understanding of pedagogy. Our eLearning is based on modern pedagogical approaches that maximize information retention and application. Transforming complex information from your organization into absorbable pieces, our custom eLearning development solution maximizes learning efficiency and reduces the unnecessary cognitive load associated with poorly designed training.
  5. Focus on a metrics based approach that correlates learning results with business objectives. We take a strategic approach to all our learning programs  and design projects specifically to measure learning outcomes and produce tangible business results. We work with you to get to know what drives your business in order to create learning that ends up hitting the mark on bottom-line goals.

Incorporating a custom eLearning development team will help you reach higher performance goals. We’ve helped dozens of global learning teams launch successful eLearning development initiatives. Contact us for a personalized demo of our custom elearning development work. Let us understand your business and experience the difference.

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