Corporate eLearning: How to Get Your Employees Onboard

How to Get Your Employees Onboard with Corporate eLearning:

Continuing education is vital for any number of professionals these days, from nurses to barbers and everyone in between. Not only is Corporate eLearning needed for those with professional licensing, but it’s crucial for everything from performance enhancement to employee retention, promotions and legal compliance with industry-specific rules and regulations. Most businesses today use eLearning platforms for continuing education, but it can be tough to get your employees onboard.

Here are some great tips to do just that:


Make a Game Out of It

While most of your employees will balk at the thought of spending hours each week reading online texts and taking tests, chances are good that they feel very differently about playing games. That’s one reason that gamification has become so important for eLearning. More and more companies are creating games to take the place of their standard training programs and reaping the benefits of that decision. Games engage your employees, motivate them to continue, and can actually ensure that they’re better able to remember what they learned during the gaming session.

Make It Accessible

Another important consideration here is to make your eLearning programs accessible to employees from different locations. With more and more employees working remotely, and the number of employees working from the road, it’s more important than ever that your training materials be accessible from more than just a desktop computer located on your business premises. It’s also important to ensure that your employees can complete their training with tablets and even smartphones, as the use of mobile devices are preferable to computers for some, even for business use. This is particularly important for businesses with a BYOD policy (bring your own device), as it can encourage your employees to complete their training during non-peak times.

Make Your Training Interactive

There’s nothing more disheartening than sitting down to a computer screen filled with boring text that drones on and on about things that the employee really doesn’t care about. A little interactivity can go a long way toward making this a better experience all the way around. Consider having a references tab added to the program so that your employees can learn more about a particular topic, or let them refer back to previous sections to glean information they might have missed. Add video or audio to really break things up. Other options when it comes to interactivity include:

  • Mini-games: A series of small, standalone games embedded in the course material can break up the monotony and make learning fun (yes, adults need to have fun, too).
  • Podcasts: A podcast episode or two can be a fun way to add important information while also providing a much-needed human touch.

Let Your Employees Know Where They Stand

How depressing would it be to go through lesson after less and complete test after test without knowing how far you’d come or how much farther you had left to go? It’s sort of an eLearning limbo, and it’s not a good place to be. However, too many businesses leave their employees in just such a place. Give your staff a way to see their progress. That way they know how far they’ve come, as well as how much they have left to do. Often, this can provide further motivation for employees to complete larger chunks of their training at a time.

There are plenty of ways that you can get your employees onboard with corporate eLearning. The most important thing is to realize that while Corporate eLearning is vital, it doesn’t have to be boring or time consuming. It can be fun, interactive and engaging with the right steps.


What are some ways you have used to get employees feeling enthusiastic about Corporate eLearning?

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