Unity eLearning Example Demo

Unity eLearning Example Demo

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Unity eLearning Demo

Our Unity eLearning projects are created by eLearning.net’s team of expert 3D artists and interactive game developers who produce high quality interactive training materials using the latest video game development technologies and techniques. This example video is taken from directly within the Unity software program in order to give you a “game developer” viewpoint.

When you watch the video demonstration, pay special attention to the various props included throughout this virtual environment. You will see a wide variety of items that could be programmed for learner interaction. Some of the props include:

Interactive eLearning Props

  • ATM machines
  • Pay phones
  • Newspaper dispensers
  • Doors into buildings that users can enter
  • Bicycles and cars that transport users to other parts of the city

The environment shown in the video below was created totally from scratch by the eLearning.net 3D Game Department over a period of about 4 days. We are continuing to develop this environment and have posted it now as a way to demonstrate the quality and complexity level we can rapidly achieve.  This type of development approach is ideal for teaching topics like safety, compliance, and more.

Video Demonstration: Unity for eLearning

Unity eLearning Real World Applications

With Unity, you can create almost any environment you imaginable – ranging from realistic cities and landscapes to fantasy and science fiction environments like outer space, mythical castles, ancient civilizations past, and more.  Tools like Unity allow eLearning developers to create custom screenshots and backgrounds instead of relying on stock photo websites. Development and production of interactive games is also possible in Unity. For example, you can create safety training module with a character demonstrating the proper and improper  ways to climb a ladder. Rather than risk the safety of a real person, you can simulate this concept in a .fun and effective way.

In courses related to employee on-boarding training, you can give your employees a virtual tour of your headquarters where they can enter different offices and “speak” with different characters representing Human Resources, IT, and other departments.

Enjoy this Unity demonstration and remember, the uses for Unity applications are only limited by your imagination.

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