Top 10 CLO Tips

If you are a new CLO or just wanting to brush up on your strategic thinking, then this article is for you! This article will soon be expanded to cover the following topics in-depth.

  1. Competency Models: Establishing a training and eLearning strategy based upon a well-implemented competency model.
  2. Job Skills: Ensuring that each job skill and job behavior for each job type within your company is documented and communicated throughout your organization from job description/pre-hire through your Talent Management System, Learning Management System, and other technologies.
  3. Talent Management System: Selecting the appropriate Talent Management System for your organization and optimizing it in a way that considers the holistic and interoperability issues related to integrating the system with other external systems including your HRIS, LMS, and other IT services.
  4. Learning Management System: Selecting the appropriate Learning Management System for your organization and ensuring that it supports your content deployment, tracking, reporting, and other needs.
  5. Calculating Return on Investment: One of the largest challenges faced by the CLO is obtaining the necessary funding and executive sponsorship necessary to implement a highly effective training solution. This article will describe methods for calculating and communicating ROI for eLearning and other training modalities.
  6. Cultivating a High Performing Training Department: Training development truly is an art and a science. Managing talented and creative people along with programming technicians can be a challenge, and implementing a successful people, process, and project management methodology is vital.
  7. Evaluating External Vendors: Retaining outside talent can often help organizations shortcut the learning curve and speed time-to-market for new and innovative training initiatives.  This article will describe how to issue well written RFPs and select vendors based on the proper mix of cost, quality, and proven ability to achieve the desired results.
  8. CLO Resources: This article will list the various user groups, web sites, magazines, and other resources useful for today’s busy Chief Learning Officer.
  9. CLO Job Aids: This article will describe practical ways to implement the best practices listed above and provide links to various Word and PowerPoint job aids.
  10. Recommended Tools, Technologies, and Vendors: This article will provide a high-level overview of tools and technologies available as off-the-shelf solutions including open source and commercially available products.

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