Surprising eLearning Niches in Demand in 2020 

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Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, eLearning was already a massive, multi-billion dollar enterprise with continual, growing demand. It’s was predicted by Research and Markets that eLearning would be a $350 billion dollar industry by 2025. With the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 effectively closing down schools, universities, and businesses around the world, however, it looks as though those numbers may have been extremely underestimated. ELearning is definitely in its prime, and it is only going to get better as time progresses.


ELearning entails much more than the traditional forms of learning exemplified through education and business, however. With how easy it is to create a learning platform with the templates now being offered, many are creating learning programs that were once unheard of. Many others are taking eLearning courses to satisfy unfulfilled desires or needs. Through eLearning, people are appeasing their thirst for entertainment, their desire to live more healthful lives, and even their appetite to learn a new hobby.   


Let’s take a look at three surprising eLearning niches and why people are flocking to them.


ELearning courses can be utilized to teach all types of life skills, from car repair to public speaking. For example, eLearning fits surprisingly well in the area of home improvement and repair. Why pay an exorbitant amount of money for an interior decorator, for example, when you can learn about types of interior design from the convenience of your computer and, for the cost of materials, do it yourself? Other home improvement and repair courses include carpentry and architecture. 


Another lifestyle interest that eLearning caters to is pet-based courses. Do you want to learn how to groom or train your pet? There’s a course for that! There are also courses available that teach pet health. These courses can help you to discover pre-existing conditions like diabetes in your pet before they greatly impact the life and health of your fur baby and can teach you the importance and availability of pet health insurance. Because of this instruction, you can do all that you can to ensure that your pet has a long and pain-free life.


Other lifestyle-based eLearning courses include the following:


  • Creative writing
  • Drawing
  • Entrepreneurship-based classes including freelancing, affiliate marking, and e-commerce
  • Repairing computers
  • Building a website
  • Cybersecurity

Personal Development

People have become more health-conscious in recent years. Now, people are more aware than ever before how diet and lifestyle choices affect their health and well-being. Courses in diet and nutrition, meal planning, and vegan cooking, for example, have become popular as people attempt to eat their way towards better health.


In addition to diet as part of a health regimen, one cannot ignore the fitness part of the equation, particularly considering today’s sedentary lifestyles. There are many eLearning courses offered to get you up and moving including pilates, muscle building, and swimming, and many of them are taught by licensed, trained professionals. 


Some eLearning fitness programs even have a gamifying feature. This turns the workout into a game and provides virtual rewards for milestones reached and goals achieved, perfect motivators for younger students. For example, a fitness game can award badges to young students for completing a certain fitness regime. The lesson can even have leaderboards, which has them competing with other students working the same curriculum.


In our modern, fast-paced society, people are also searching for training and techniques to better handle their day-to-day challenges, both at home and in the workplace. People have a constant desire to be more productive and lower their stress, and these courses address these needs. Courses in time management, self-esteem, confidence, and study skills are in high demand.    


ELearning courses in the niche of personal development are wide and varied:


  • Acupuncture
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Martial arts
  • Investing
  • Presentation skills
  • Speed reading


Today, entertainment involves much more than watching television, going to a concert, or playing a video game. With technology becoming more and more digitized, people are using video creation and editing to construct their own forms of entertainment.  People are looking at video production and editing as not only as entertainment but as a possible career choice. Why not take an eLearning course to see how it’s done and leverage your new skills for money?


What about social media, another major source of entertainment today? Approximately 72% of our society tunes in to some type of social media, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or the up-and-coming social media platform for the younger generations, TikTok. To fit the growing demographic of social media followers, there are classes on live streaming, personal branding, and social media marketing so they can make the most of their experience.


There are many courses offered for those interested in entertainment:


  • Cinematography
  • Whiteboard animation
  • Adobe Premiere
  • iPhone photography
  • YouTube audience growth
  • Color grading


No, eLearning is no longer relegated to academic pursuits or increasing your job-related skills. If you have an interest or up-and-coming passion in just about anything, whether it be in the area of lifestyle, entertainment, or personal development, there is likely a virtual learning course for you. There’s never been a better time for going after and fulfilling your passion, and all without leaving home.




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