Storyline Publishing to HTML5 Mobile Tip

Articulate Storyline Mobile Publishing Tip

First let me say we are longtime Storyline fans and look forward to the eventual update and improvement of the Android and iOS experiences along with other exciting enhancements that are sure to come. Within moments of posting this tip Articulate reached out with suggestions, confirmation that they are unable to reproduce this issue, and other helpfulness.

As of 8/25/15 our version of Storyline appears to have a minor publishing bug when publishing to web. This issue does not appear to be a problem under the LMS publish settings.

The issue: Normally when you publish a course the settings are retained. So when you publish, close, and subsequently re-open your Storyline file all of your previous publish settings should remain. However, this is not so for the iOS and Android publishing options, which are automatically checked by default even if you previously unchecked them under the “Publish to Web” option.

So What?: Why is this a big deal and something to watch going forward? When it comes to Storyline, and based on our testing, courses play back better on mobile devices when using the device browser and NOT the Articulate Android nor iOS applications. For example, on a Samsung S5, the Android application forces the course to only play landscape while we specifically designed the course to be played in Portrait mode only. So the course is totally unwatchable unless we publish without Android/iOS.

We were left scratching our heads because we knew we had deselected those check boxes and the course worked fine before. However, after making a minor tweak to the course and republishing we did not notice that these boxes were checked again. So be on the lookout for this issue when publishing to mobile from Storyline.

Side Note: We are impressed with the new Adobe Captivate 9 option to lock the course in at Portrait. If a user tilts a device to landscape they are presented with a message (which you can configure) that tells him that the course is designed for portrait mode. I would not be surprised to see Storyline include a similar feature in the future.


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