SelfieLearning ™

SelfieLearning ™ – Any form of electronic communication (photos, videos, audio etc.) that is produced by one’s self with the purpose of training others, usually with a touch of self promotion or vanity.

While the phrase “self promotion or vanity” may imply a negative connotation, the opposite is true. People want to share information – as evidenced by the popularity of social networking. People also tend to be vain and self-interested by nature, which has enabled us to thrive and succeed. Why not tap in to human nature and encourage your employees to share their knowledge with their peers and be recognized and rewarded for doing so?

The old phrase “To learn, Teach” is as true today as the day it was originally coined. The beauty of modern eLearning is that technology enables anyone to communicate anything to a virtually limitless audience. Whether one records a quick self-video using a smart phone or produces a slick eLearning video using Adobe Presenter or equivalent tool, the ability to project one’s own personality and share knowledge on a global scale is unprecedented. By encouraging your employees to create their own SelfieLearning™ you are encouraging them to acquire a deeper understanding of whatever subjects they cover while also sharing this knowledge throughout your organization. Additionally, those who generate lots of high quality training content for your organization can instantly be identified as “high potentials” for advancement in your organization.

Popular SelfieLearning ™ Tools:

  • Adobe Presenter
  • Camtasia by TechSmith
  • YouTube
  • WebEx, GoToTraining, and other virtual web technologies

Benefits of SelfieLearning ™

  1. By preparing for and delivering training, employees are reinforcing and relearning what they know at a deeper level.
  2. By its nature, SelfieLearning ™ is relatively inexpensive to produce, so you can generate quality eLearning quickly and cost effectively.
  3. By decentralizing the learning function and empowering your employees/learners, you may uncover new training needs within the organization as well as discover new training subjects and techniques.
  4. Identify “high potential” employees and target them for development and advancement.
  5. Use this form of self-generated rapid eLearning as the underlying source content for more polished, formal, and professionally produced eLearning.


SelfieLearning™ is a trademark term owned by eLearning, Inc.

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