Open Source Video Platform


The eLearning Network® (ELN) video production team recently completed a custom training video project for a prestigious Ivy League university, which adopted an open source video technology called Kaltura. This was our first experience using this video content management system. Following are a few of our observations:

  1. LMS-style User Management: The system includes secure authentication (username/password) that allows administrators to create and assign courses to specific users just as an LMS does.
  2. Video Comments/Edits: There is built-in collaboration features whereby subject matter experts (or others) can insert comments regarding the video so that the video editing team can address them.
  3. Customizable Interface: The system allows for custom branding of the interface so that it can be made to match your existing branding/logo requirements.
  4. Easy Upload/Download: Users with administrator privileges can easily download and upload videos directly from the course interface. Simply hover over the video and select the upload, download, or Play button.
  5. Content Management: It is fairly easy and intuitive to organize videos, search media, create playlists, etc., using a comparatively intuitive interface.
  6. Mobile & HTML5 Video Player Support: A must have for any modern video delivery system.
  7. Basic Video Editing Tools: You can trim videos, add subtitles, add cue points, etc.

Based on our real-world experience using this technology we believe it is worth consideration as you evaluate your various video delivery technology options.

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