Mapping Job Skills to Online Learning Plans


  • How do you ensure that the right learners are assigned the exact training they exactly when they need it?
  • How do you confirm that users have completed the training required for their position?
  • How do you flag high-performing and propertly trained employees for promotion/advancement?

The answer – build, implement, and maintain a talent management and succession planning strategy. So how do you do that? Following are very high-level tips to get you started…

  1. Create a Competency Model for your organization: This is a listing of each core job function, each of which then have the core skills and competencies identified. To get started, check with your LMS or Talent Management System vendor to learn what skills dictionaries they may include, or Google the phrase “skills dictionary” and start talking to vendors in this space.
  2. Create courses targeted at job skills: Job Skills should be reflected as “learning objectives” in the courses you create. Be sure that your competency model planning is fully integrated into your instructional design process. Too often organizations simply convert their existing stand-up training into online training without thinking more globally. Be sure your training and associated quizzes, tests, and interactivities measure the learner’s performance against these skills.
  3. Implement automated learning plans: Wouldn’t it be great if learners were automatically assigned courses based on their current position, desired future position, and skill gap analysis? Many modern LMS systems allow for exactly that! Ensure that your LMS includes a feature for linking job skills to specific courses you offer that target those skills. If you build courses around learning objectives that were specifically identified during the competency model development, then you will be ready to tag these courses in your LMS and automate the creation of learning plans.

If you have not yet integrated a formal competency model into your eLearning development process, then you may not be getting the most out of your eLearning investment. You can enjoy nearly immediate returns on your investment in the process above. If you need help with competency models, skills dictionaries, learning plans, instructional design, or related tasks, just use the Contact Us feature and a knowledgeable eLearning Network expert will get right back to you!

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