How Important Life Skills Can Be Taught Through Online Learning

Whether students want to learn how to play a musical instrument, perfect their cake decorating skills, or fly a drone, chances are there’s an online course designed to teach those skills. Online learning has greatly increased the accessibility and convenience of education, but these courses aren’t just designed to teach fun skills or knowledge that you would learn in school; the truth of the matter is that eLearning can help to teach important life skills too!

The Versatility of Online Learning

In teaching life skills, online learning can fill gaps in the education system. Rather than Googling how to perform a certain skill and relying on information from an unverified source, students can enroll in courses taught by experts in the field. An online course can also give students a valuable chance to receive feedback and interact with their teacher, which is a benefit that just looking up information on a particular skill can’t provide. 


Because eLearning is so accessible and affordable, there is virtually no limit to the topics and life skills that these courses can cover. Experts in nearly any field can use online learning to reach new audiences without geographic location being a factor. This means that learners can access more educational opportunities and polish those life skills that they may not yet have or want to improve. 

How Online Learning Can Teach Life Skills

Because online learning platforms are so versatile, they can be adapted to teach nearly any skill, including those like cooking, public speaking, writing, car repair, budgeting, and more. Online learning allows teachers and course designers to use many different learning tools such as videos, photos, learning forums, and real-time interactions with students. This means that online learning is an ideal platform for teaching valuable life skills. 


Many outlets are already relying on online learning to teach life skills. A quick internet search reveals online courses in countless life skills topics, including nutrition, communication, goal setting, healthy lifestyles, and more. If you have knowledge and experience in an in-demand life skill, online learning can help you to channel that into a course that can help countless learners. 


Let’s look at different life skills that can be improved through online learning:

Applying for Jobs

For instance, the ability to write a resume and cover letter is a necessary skill that most people need in order to gain employment. Some adults may not have learned these skills in schools, while adults returning to the workforce later on in life may not be aware of the current trends in writing resumes and cover letters. These skills can be learned online, giving students a detailed education that prepares them to apply for a job. 

Making Financial Decisions

Many adults are also unprepared to make significant financial choices, like buying or leasing a car. Whether students have had some exposure to finances and want to learn more, or are exploring new financial topics for the first time, online learning can offer a trusted resource. Financial courses can encompass everything from balancing a checkbook to applying for a mortgage and buying a house. 

Communication Skills

When students pursue eLearning opportunities, they also develop valuable communication skills. Students may need to communicate in a variety of mediums, including email, video correspondence, and online forums. Experience communicating and learning in a virtual environment can prepare students for remote working opportunities. 

Improving Learning Habits

The very design of eLearning, itself, can teach students important life skills. Regardless of the topic of a program, students will quickly learn about the importance of skills like organization and time management. Programs with assigned due dates teach students to meet deadlines, a skill that is essential in nearly any area of life. 


Online students must also develop initiative and motivation during their education. Without the structure of attending in-person classes at a particular time, students must motivate themselves to complete online coursework. Completing an online course also gives students the satisfaction of achieving a goal, rewarding them for the initiative they took in taking and finishing that course.

Online Learning: New Horizons for Learners and Educators

Students seek out online learning focused on life skills for many different reasons. Students may be looking to enhance a preliminary understanding of a subject, or may suddenly find themselves in need of knowledge about a skill because of life circumstances, like if they’re planning to open a retirement fund. The good news for both students and for subject experts wishing to share their knowledge is that online learning offers the flexibility needed for an education in these important skills. 


As eLearning continues to evolve, we’re sure to see it emerge as a resource in many different ways. Businesses can now use online learning to offer their employees professional development opportunities, and high schools can offer special online learning courses designed to provide students with the specialized skills they will need as adults. Thanks to the great variety of online courses available, anyone with an internet connection can acquire life skills. 

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