Icon Resources for eLearning Designers and Developers

Fun Icons for eLearning Designers and Developers – 09/20/2013

Icons are a quick and easy way to add a nice custom graphical touch to your eLearning course and to introduce some interactivity. For example:

  • Use a “Caution Icon” that when clicked reveals additional information for the learner to read about that screen topic.
  • Link a “briefcase” icon to link to specific items in the “attachments” section of your course.
  • Use a  world or globe icon to link to resources on the world wide web.
  • Create a custom navigation page at the start of your course and use icons as the items users click to jump to specific topics.
  • Simply use icons in place of bullet points on screens for which you are listing specific points and for which icons would make sense.

The possibilities are endless! However, use icons creatively and sparingly as too much of a good thing can ruin anything- including your eLearning course..

Bullet screenshot

Royalty free (and some totally free) icon resources for eLearning

  • Checkout the eLearning Network Store for free and low cost icons and other resources.
  • Icon Archive: IconArchive is a professional tag based icon search engine with more than 330,000 icons for web developers, end users and graphic artists.
  • Icon dock offers a wide variety of icons for free and at low cost. This site offers mono social, sketch, marker style, social media, shiny, origami style and many others. These icons sets are downloadable and modifiable and are available in different sizes and file formats.
  • Icon Fonts: This site offers icons that are actually stored in a web font. This is a font that is used as an icon. Because of this, it allows the icon to be any color, size or style that is available as CSS. The fonts available are a general set, general enclosed set, social set and accessibility set. Having icons that are fonts can give you flexibility in your design and development.

What icon resources for eLearning do you recommend? Please log in, post, and share your knowledge with your fellow eLearning Developers!


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