How to make a SCORM manifest

QUESTION: I’m Stephane from France and I’ve been asked to develop in php a feature to export some content in SCORM. I wonder if there is some good tutorial on how to go about this. I know I need to create a zip archive containing a manifest file, the content and its related files. So, I’m looking for some more hands-on technical how-to guides.

ANSWER: Rather than recreate the wheel, I recommend that you consider using an open source SCORM programming tool like Reload Editor.  You can use this tool to create your manifest files quickly and easily, as well as use the resulting files to see how the SCORM manifest is constructed. If you wish to create your own custom SCORM packaging tool (for example, you are creating a web-based authoring tool and you want to include an auto-publishing feature), then I would recommend you visit the ADL website for complete documentation on the SCORM model. They have plenty of tools and documentation from which to draw. If you need assistance in programming such a tool, contact Tell them what you are trying to build, what your skill sets are, and what kind of support you need. From there they can provide you with a quote. Additional SCORM consultants are listed below for your convenience: Recommended SCORM Consultants:

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