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High Level e-Learning Project Tasks & Milestones

Following is a high-level eLearning project management plan that includes the major high-level general tasks and milestones that make up the eLearning media production cycle. Note that each eLearning project plan will vary considerably in approach and complexity. For example, projects using stock photography are less complex than courses for which custom photo shoots will be conducted. A custom photo shoot would have its own set of tasks, resources, and timeline. The purpose of this job aid is simply to list the high level general tasks that apply to most standard Level 2 course development projects.

Sample Project Management Plan

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eLearning Project Plan High Level.pdf

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(A)DDIE: Analyze – Storyboard/Content Review

Item Resource Type Notes
Review Storyboard / Source Content eLearning Developer Confirm that you understand exactly what the storyboard requires, that the chosen authoring tool is capable of supporting the requirements, and that you have the human and technical resources to build the course.
Identify & Resolve Content Gaps eLearning Developer Ensure that there are no content gaps and that all interactives and other items requiring programming are within scope and within your development capabilities. Meet with the subject matter expert or other stakeholders to answer or resolve any outstanding questions.
Review scope of work eLearning Production Manager If applicable, review the scope of work and ensure that the storyboard requirements are still within scope. If not, return to project sponsor and resolve any issues/concerns.
Obtain Sign-off eLearning Developer & Project Sponsor / Approver Require that whoever has review/approval authority signs off and approves any changes to the storyboard before developing further, otherwise you risk expensive and time consuming changes.

A(D)DIE: Design – Project Preparation

Item Resource Type Notes
Create Course Outline in Authoring Tool eLearning Developer Create a “course wireframe” by creating a course outline using the selected authoring tool (e.g. Storyline, Captivate, etc.) Ensure the final course title, course description, publish settings, etc. are exactly as they should be at course completion.
Create course look & feel Graphic Artist Create an eLearning style guide, which documents the course design aesthetic including font type, size, color, bullet treatments, photo treatments, quiz items, buttons, labels, and all other visual course elements. Each page type should be designed including cover page, learning objectives, conclusion, quiz, content (text/picture), interactivity, etc.
Obtain Sign-off eLearning Developer & Project Sponsor / Approver Require that whoever has review/approval authority signs off and approves the design before developing further, otherwise you risk expensive and time consuming changes.

AD(D)IE: Develop – Media Production

Item Resource Type Notes
Record Audio Narration eLearning Production Manager Send voice talent the script. Upon receipt of audio files, listen to audio against script and confirm all audio was recorded accurately. Request “pick-up” audio for any corrections as needed.
Design Content Screen Layouts Graphic Designer Using the client-approved eLearning style guide, a graphic designer applies the design as instructed by the storyboard.
Design Interactive Screen Layouts Graphic Designer Create the interactive items per storyboard instructions and by following eLearning style guide (e.g. Drag/Drop, Hot Spot, Labeling, Sequencing, etc.)
Design Quiz / Assessment Screen Layouts eLearning Developer Modified default quiz templates within authoring tool to conform to the eLearning style guide.
Assemble Content Screens with graphical and audio eLearning Developer Import and assemble all graphics and audio into the authoring tool. Synchronize the revealing/removing of graphics in timing with narration per storyboard.
Program Interactives eLearning Programmer Import and assemble all graphics and audio into the authoring tool. Program the activity using built-in authoring tool features (variables, triggers, etc.), custom HTML5, and/or other techniques as required by storyboard and agreed to within the project scope of work.
Create assessment / quizzes eLearning Designer Apply quiz content from the storyboard to the built-in quiz functionality within the authoring tool. Apply graphics from graphic artist to ensure accurate look and feel.
Perform Internal QC Testing eLearning Production Manager, eLearning Designer & eLearning Editor / Reviewer It is important the course be tested by someone outside of the development process. Create an “answer key” and “test script” to guide users as to how to stress test the course, confirm functionality, etc. The goal is to try and break the course or identify and correct errors before external review.
Perform External QC Testing eLearning Developer & Project Sponsor / Approver Whoever has final review/sign-off authority should be assigned the course to review and provide feedback. Use an “issue tracking spreadsheet” to capture the item type, description, requester, date, status, etc.

ADD(I)E: Implement

Item Resource Type Notes
Publish course eLearning Production Manager Double check publish settings including SCORM settings, course titles, learning object titles, scoring/completion criteria, etc.
Upload files to hosting destination eLearning Production Manager Post the files to whatever destination (LMS, web server, etc.) is applicable for your course.
Test course playback eLearning Production Manager Ensure that the course launches, plays back, closes, bookmarks, and performs other functions as expected. Resolve any issues discovered.
Course Assignment LMS Administrator or Project Sponsor / Approver Distribute the course to any learners as desired.

ADDI(E): Evaluate

Item Resource Type Notes
Pilot Test Project Sponsor / Approver It is recommended that courses be tested by a small group (10-20 users) of people who are representative of your target learner population. Consider giving 1/2 of the group a test script/answer key and require the other 1/2 to complete without the benefit of a job aid. Review and document any course improvements that may be required.
Track Course Completion Project Sponsor / Approver A high number of non-completion may indicate that there is a problem with the course tracking. If 100% score is required there may be a problem with a quiz question that is programmed incorrectly making it impossible to achieve 100%. Review and document any course improvements that may be required.
Review User Satisfaction Surveys Project Sponsor / Approver Learners should be required to take a short satisfaction survey upon course completion. Review and document any course improvements that may be required.