Lego-Style eLearning Characters

Free eLearning Characters LEGO Style

eLearning Heroes Challenge #113

Anthropomorphic Characters in E-Learning

Recently the Articulate eLearning Heroes challenge was to create anthropomorphic characters in eLearning. Our submission to this challenge is a pack of custom Lego-style characters that can easily be copied pasted into your eLearning course. These are free to download for anyone who may want them.  They have various poses and facial expressions.

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Customize these eLearning characters for your next project!

Contact us about our super-fast and affordable custom eLearning character design services. Using the latest in computer generated image (CGI) software, we can create custom characters wearing your official corporate colors and uniforms and with custom poses, facial expressions, backgrounds, and more! Why settle for generic stock art when you can have your own great looking custom characters?

How do we do it? We have our own talented 3D modeling experts based here in the USA and we’ve got a huge large library that includes thousands and thousands of 3D models like these.  Using 3D software like Maya and 3D Studio Max (created by our friends at we can customize these models quickly, saving you time and money while delivering to you Hollywood-grade custom eLearning graphics.


Check out these amazing custom 3D eLearning character examples!

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