eLearning Icons and Artwork

Add a little something extra to your eLearning courses by using our custom eLearning icons, graphics, watermarks, and more! We can also custom design whatever you’re looking for. Just contact us to learn more!

Custom Scenes Modeled in 3D

Our expert 3D modelers create beautiful photo-realistic environments like those below. We can create just about any environment you can imagine, and because we have an extensive library of thousands of environments and objects, we can usually create exactly the image you need quickly and affordably. Rapid eLearning does not have to look rapid!

Custom Illustrated Scenes

Our graphic artists create beautiful works of eLearning art for all industries. These are just a few examples of the thousands of custom eLearning themes and artwork our artists have produced.

Burger Demo Project
Burger demo project
Fun Healthcare Abstract
Fun healthcare abstract
Airline Maintenance Safety
Airline maintenance safety

Custom eLearning Icons

Add custom icons to give your course a unique visual design and add functionality. For example, add a movie reel icon and program it to launch a video when clicked or use the X icon as a close option for closing down a pop-up window in your course. Below are just a few examples of icons our artists created. Let us know the types, style, and colors for the icons you want, and we’ll gladly create them for you.

Healthcare Template Buttons and Icons
Healthcare template buttons and icons
Sample Custom Icons
Sample custom icons
Sample custom icons

Download our Free Hand-Drawn Icons

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