Storyline Timeline eLearning Demo

About this eLearning demo

This Storyline example demonstrates the use of  built-in animations to create a sleek menu design and interactive timeline. You’ll notice that the main navigation is on the left and allows you to choose from four different categories: Rock, Jazz, Classical, and Pop. Each time you click a category from the main navigation, a new color-coded/matching interactive timeline appears for that category. Simply click a decade to reveal a pop-up box. If you are using a computer with a mouse you’ll notice an animation appears when you hover over a clickable decade.  Once selected, the decade circle fills in and a text/image area displays were you would insert the information about the music during this period along with an appropriate photo.

This is simply a demonstration piece to show how content can be structured and programmed, so there is only “dummy” text included now. This should be enough to give you a feeling for what’s possible and to inspire you to try variations on this technique yourself.

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Programming notes

  • This type of activity can be created by someone with Beginner level Storyline knowledge.
  • Techniques used include branching and show layer triggers.
  • A grow animation is included within a second circle in the hover state.