eLearning Game – Concentration

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eLearning Game Example: Concentration

This interactive eLearning game is based on the popular Concentration card game. Use this approach for a knowledge check or to help you learners learn and commit to memory industry-specific acronyms.  To complete this activity learners…

  • Review five acronyms and their corresponding definitions
  • Click “Begin” to turn the cards over and mix them up
  • Click two cards to try to find a match. If a match is found the cards stay turned up and are dimmed, indicating that they are can no longer be selected.
  • If a match is not found, the cards turn back over and the learner tries again.

The key to an activity like this is to provide the learner with intuitive feedback and ease of use. For example, dimming objects that can no longer be selected is an obvious but often overlooked eLearning feature.  Additionally, flipping the cards back over and providing “incorrect” feedback is a user-friendly feature that we added after some initial user testing.

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