Custom eLearning Design Example: Starbucks inspired theme

starbucks custom elearning example

Food and Beverage Industry Theme

Launch Demo

Welcome fellow eLearning developers! Recently the Articulate Heroes Weekly Challenge was to create a theme for the food and beverage industry. Our entry is this theme based upon the Starbucks brand. Within this example we demonstrate:

  • Corporate Branding: Great custom eLearning never looks like it came from a generic template. Matching a company’s branding is critical and made easier when you have access to their corporate branding guide, which can usually be obtained from their marketing department.
  • Custom Navigation Buttons: Use the custom next/back “flags” in the bottom right corner to navigate back and forth in the demo.
  • Drag and Drop: We included a drag and drop that Storyline makes super easy to program. The real trick to these is to make them aesthetically pleasing and educationally sound.
  • Click to Reveal: The custom click to reveal incorporates photos that were modified in PhotoShop to give a slick and custom look and feel to the course.

As you can tell, we are very proud of our talented graphic artists here and they are available to give you a hand if needed.  We know there are tons of talented eLearning professionals out there who can program the heck out of a course. We also know that many of you call on us to give your courses a visual upgrade or to give you a hand when you are swamped.  If you are new to, give us a call and let’s talk about ways we can help each other out.  We are fast and affordable, and most of the work we do is supporting freelance eLearning developers and companies with internal development teams that are backed up or simply don’t have the breadth and depth of experience that we offer here at the eLearning Network.

Our eLearning designers create artistic and professional designs that match our clients’ branding and organizational identities. While we can’t show actual  eLearning course development samples from our clients, this generic example demonstrates our ability to create elegant and sophisticated designs that reflect and respect well-known brands.

Does your eLearning look this good? If not, we can help! Just Contact Us for a quote to redesign your existing courses or projects in any stage of development.