Developing new hire onboarding training

Are you tasked with having to create new employee “onboarding” training?  Here are some high-level thoughts to help get you started:

Interview Executive Management:

What are the values, mission statement, goals, and other high-level concepts senior leadership want communicated to/instilled within new hires?

Interview HR:

What are the legal/regulatory requirements for communicating information to new employees (think compliance). Make a checklist of all the various key points and any tests users might have to take to show they know and/or understand each.

Interview recent new hires:

Ask new hires “What may have been missing from your training that would have helped you transition into your new role more quickly/successfully?”

Interview top-performing employees:

What are the key behaviors, skills, and knowledge points that every new hire should know on day one? What areas do you feel are weak in our current training and how can we train new people to become high-performing employees like you?

By interviewing these 4 important yet different stakeholder groups you will ensure that your custom e-Learning onboarding course covers most if not all of the areas that are critical to successfully integrating new employees into your organizational culture and preparing them for success.

Do you need help preparing for or engaging in stakeholder interviews or performing other instructional design tasks? Contact us for a quote and we’ll gladly have one of the expert instructional designers from the eLearning network assist you.


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