Converting and Using Video in online eLearning Training

Video-based eLearning may be easier than you think!

Do you have video-based training that you wish to convert into online eLearning, or are you considering creating new videos specifically for online education? If so, the following article may be of interest.

Why convert existing videos into online eLearning?

Suppose you have been delivering video-based training on VHS or DVD. What are the costs and downsides with this approach? First, reproducing and distributing content in this fashion takes time, money, and materials. Additionally, tracking whether employees actually played the content in its entirety is a manual process. By converting your videos into an online delivery format, you can:

  1. Require that learners log in to a Learning Management System in order to access the training.
  2. Track the learner’s time online viewing the material.
  3. Deliver in-line interactivities, quizzes, and post assessments.
  4. Automatically track and capture learner performance in a manner that allows for easy reporting.
  5. Analyze and improve your training by measuring learner performance, training effectiveness, etc.

How can videos be converted into eLearning?

There are many ways you can leverage your existing video content and produce new online training quickly and inexpensively. First, you can convert your VHS or DVD video into a Flash Video File  (FLV), .MOV, or some other commonly recognized video format. If you don’t know how to do that, just know that the process is very straight forward for entry-level Flash users. You can then use a rapid eLearning development tool (like Articulate Storyline) and with a few clicks of the mouse, create a fully SCORM-conformant eLearning course that includes your company logo, a table of contents (each video segment with its own entry in the table of contents), supplemental quizzes and interactivities (if desired) and more. The point is that you can quickly and easily chop up your existing videos into learning objects”

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