Asset Resources for eLearning Designers and Developers

Asset Resources for eLearning Designers and Developers – 09/18/2013

As eLearning Designers and Developers, we often need to save time by using pre-built assets when designing or developing content. The eLearning Network has put together a list of asset resources for you to utilize.

  • E-Learning Heroes is a wonderful source for Articulate product users – specifically Storyline. On this site you will find E-Learning templates (customizations to the templates such as player, language settings, color schemes), course assets (graphics and audio/visual, screen elements), design tools (documentation and guides to help you build and manage elearning courses) and projects and workshop resources (files for archived conference sessions, workshops and published Articulate project files).
  • E-Learning Templates and Media Assets: If you need PowerPoint templates or hand drawn assets, this is the site for you. This site features high quality office templates that have depth, texture and offer Quizmaker files.
  • Adobe Community Forum: If you plan on using any of the Adobe products to produce your eLearning course(s), this is a great resource for having discussions with other users or developers.  This forum hosts discussions for Captivate, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, and DreamWeaver, among others programs that support eLearning development. You can get helpful advice, tips and links to needed resources from other forum users.
  • eLearning Art: This site offers cutout people, templates and backgrounds for your eLearning projects, with a focus on office and medical settings.  It also offers fonts and other types of images you can incorporate into your course.
  • eLearning Asset: This site features a gallery of characters that include photographed cutouts, illustrated people, mascots and silhouettes.  It also offers some office backgrounds and has a “freebies” section!
  • Font Squirrel: Lots of fonts to choose from and the best part – they are completely free for commercial use!  The site also features links to other font sites, which makes it a great resource if you are looking for unique or stylish fonts.
  • Free Stock Music: Music can add a lot to a presentation, particularly when opening and closing. Do you need a musical score or background music for part of your eLearning project?  Try this site, which offers hundreds of cost-free and royalty-free music files for download.  You can choose from a variety of musical styles, including classical, country, rock, hip-hop, etc., and you can preview each file before you download them.

Do you have a great asset resource for your eLearning projects?  Want to share it with others? Contact the eLearning Network and we’ll add it to the list!


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