Articulate Storyline Templates

Reduce your eLearning production time and cost while increasing quality by using our expertly designed templates.


Talented graphic artists and eLearning programmers create Articulate Storyline templates for the eLearning Network. Here are just a few of the items our Storyline templates include:


  • Standard Content Slides: Title slide, learning objectives, key concepts, quiz title slide, conclusion slide
  • Video Slides: Contains a nicely formatted video viewer page that includes video title and description
  • Interactive Slides: drag and drop, matching
  • Buttons, Icons, and Artwork: These items match the overall eLearning design theme
  • Corporate Logo Placement: A convenient place to locate your logo
  • And more

The eLearning Network has taken great care to design Storyline templates that look great, are programmed correctly, are affordable, and are easy for just about anyone to customize on their own.

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Articulate Storyline Template Demo—Financial Theme

Need more help? The eLearning Network also offers full-service and individual custom eLearning production services to help you design, program, and launch award-winning online training. Our membership and full time staff include the world’s most talented and professional freelance custom eLearning developers. The eLearning Network has customized Storyline templates for organizations spanning various industries, including:

  • Many custom eLearning development companies
  • Retail merchandising, sales and marketing
  • Healthcare, including hospitals, pharmaceuticals, elder care
  • Restaurant, food & beverage, hospitality
  • News and entertainment
  • Finance (banking, investing)
  • Nonprofit/charitable
  • Electronics (manufacture and retail)
  • Transportation (air, rail, auto, trucking, etc.)
  • Chemical & scientific
  • Technology (IT support, consulting, programming, etc.)
  • Government (federal and state)
  • Education (K-12, universities, corporate universities, etc.)
  • Many more…

For more information about our off-the-shelf and custom eLearning development services, see the eLearning Network online store or contact us. Looking for additional Storyline template resources? Check out the official Articulate website. It has a few templates on its site that also may fit your needs. Whether you use our resources or others we recommend, the eLearning Network is here to assist you anytime.