3D eLearning Artwork

Adding 3D artwork to eLearning made easy!

eleanring 3D Artwork

Photo Realistic 3D Artwork Made As Easy As 1, 2

  • Step 1: Choose from tens of thousands of 3D images on TurboSquid.com. eLearning.net has partnered with TurboSquid to bring affordable 3D to the eLearning community.
  • Step 2: Let us do the rest!  We’ll do the 3D model setup, lighting, texture, and any other edits you may want. We will then hand off to you the final Photoshop files ready for inclusion into your eLearning project! Just call us at 866-771-4449 and ask to speak to an eLearning.net 3D expert.

3d artwork

Benefits of Using 3D Models from eLearning.net and TurboSquid:

  • Photo Realism: Our 3D artists can create images that look just like a real photograph and sometimes better
  • Any Angle, Any Object: 3D models allow for changing of camera perspectives, addition/removal of objects, and more
  • Quality: 3D models are quick and easy to modify and manipulate. So you can achieve the exact results you need quickly and affordably
  • Affordability: No expensive monthly or annual subscriptions. Choose the 3D models you want and work with eLearning.net’s 3D experts to create Photoshop files ready for use in your next eLearning project.

Let the eLearning.net artists customize your next eLearning course and make your eLearning look great
eLearning.net – Because eLearning should never look like it came from a template!

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