Message from the Chairman


On behalf of the entire eLearning Network® family, welcome to our website. My name is Stephen Magic Johnson, but most people know me simply as Magic, which actually is my middle name. I founded the eLearning Network® with one overarching mission in mind: to advance the adoption, quality, sophistication, and effectiveness of the entire online training experience. So what do I mean by this and how is the network working to achieve this mission? Following is a list of the four key focus areas and related network initiatives:

  • Adoption: While it may seem as though “everyone is creating eLearning now,” the fact is that online learning (including Web and mobile) is still in the very early stages and many people and organizations have been slow to incorporate eLearning into their training programs. The eLearning Network® offers tips and tricks, training/consulting, templates, and other resources to help people quickly and easily produce high-quality eLearning. And for those who are looking for help, the eLearning Network® has a pool of consultants and experts ready to assist you.
  • Quality: There are a number of tools on the market today that make deploying eLearning as easy as creating a PowerPoint document and clicking a “Publish to LMS” button. However, if you’ve ever suffered “Death by PowerPoint” in a single classroom, imagine deploying that experience throughout your entire organization and around the world! Quality eLearning includes complete and accurate narration, true artistry in its visual design, professionally recorded audio narration, well constructed activities, and other features. To help promote excellence in eLearning, the eLearning Network® offers online eLearning demos for your inspiration, pre-programmed templates, beautifully designed eLearning screen layouts, and more. We also offer individualized consulting services for those who need or want help creating excellent eLearning.
  • Sophistication: eLearning can be as simple as publishing a PowerPoint deck. Since most people can develop at this level without assistance, the eLearning Network® focuses on breaking new ground by creating and sharing sophisticated multimedia development techniques that go far beyond PowerPoint, including developing content in Adobe After Effects, creating custom 3D environments in Maya or 3D Studio Max, programming intricate branching scenarios, adding first-rate features into Storyline and Captivate such as custom course progress indicators, performance scorecards, and so much more.
  • Effectiveness: Finally, we want eLearning ultimately to be effective. By effective we mean that eLearning courses should help organizations achieve their strategic objectives quickly and efficiently. We encourage development of training that’s focused, entertaining, memorable, and communicative.

In short, we believe that sophisticated eLearning, skillfully and artfully developed, will lead to greater adoption and make a larger and lasting positive impact on those who are lucky enough to experience eLearning the way it’s truly meant to be.

So again, welcome to the eLearning Network®! If you believe as I do that we as a community should strive for excellence in eLearning, then I encourage you to join the network, take advantage of what we have to offer and contribute your own thoughts through forums, comments, ratings, and more.

Welcome to the eLearning Network®!


Founder and Chairman of the Board
eLearning, Inc.